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April 18, 2020

How to Add Security to Your Zoom Dance Class

Okay this is real stuff my friend. Zoom Bombing is serious and we as dance teachers need to make sure our students are safe and we create a happy and healthy virtual dance room. If you haven’t heard, Zoom Bombing is when a stranger or “bad guy” if you will, logs into your meeting and will screen share or post inappropriate things during your meetings. Gross, I know.

Here are the steps to change your settings and give your virtual dance class protection from Zoom Bombing.

  • Sign into your account and select Settings
  • Select Meeting subtab up top then click “In Meeting (Basic)
  • Require encryption for Third Party Endpoints
  • Disable Auto Saving Chats
  • Disable File Transfer
  • Disable Feedback to Zoom
  • Disable Screen Sharing (VERY IMPORTANT)
  • Disable Desktop/ Screen Share for users.
  • Disable Remote Control
  • Enable Allow Hosts to temporarily remove and attendee from the meeting
    • This is so you do not have to shut off meeting.
  • Allow Virtual Backround
    • Be Careful this does not distract your students. Mine like to put themselves in San Francisco or in Outer Space.
    • This allows the privacy of the students home if they do not want their home shown in meeting.
  • Now scroll up and click Telephone subtab
  • Mask phone number in participant list

Zoom just updated their security settings so many of these may be on as a default. But it is always good to check your account to verify these setting are correct.

I hope this helps, we have been forced to adjust so much, let’s allow our classrooms to stay fun not stressful. That is what I strive for after all , NO STRESS!

We have peace knowing these kids are protected and safe in our virtual dance classes.

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